Pixel Runway

Design Exhibition

Pixel Runway 2020 is dedicated to Russell A. Kirsch (June 20, 1929 – August 11, 2020), a computer scientist credited with inventing the PIXEL and scanning the first digital photograph in B/W in 1957. His work laid the foundations for satellite imagery, CT scans, virtual reality and Facebook.

2020 was a year like no other, the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic challenged the way we design and educate across the creative disciplines. Virtual gallery spaces have become a platform for young emerging artists, designers and creators to showcase their talents and skills.

Pixel Runway is our first digital, virtual exhibition from our students at TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Creative Centres (Campbelltown) showcasing works produced by budding graphic designers, illustrators, screen and media film makers, visual artists, photographers and cultural artists studying courses from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma.

We live in a pixel world where these minute areas of RGB illumination are digitally arranged and skilfully composed in rows and columns on a display screen to produce contemporary images. These images evolve through design process to solve problems and address creative briefs and challenges of our society. Our students are like pixels, the more informed and educated they become, the more sophisticated and evolved the resolution of their designs.

The RUNWAY is a perfect backdrop for high end products... a catwalk where students starting in their creative journeys can land on their design feet and where graduates can accelerate their careers, confident in their skills and knowledge gained at TAFE NSW ready for take-off into industry.

Browse around and we hope you enjoy the show!
Lydia Kullik - Head Teacher Design

Our Teachers

TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Creative Centres (Campbelltown) is a creative design hub located is South Western Sydney. We are a multi-disciplinary professional dynamic teaching team that shares their individual expertise across a range of creative industries. We pride ourselves on supporting our students in their learning journey, encouraging them to strive to achieve their personal best.

During this year our teachers have been working hard behind the scenes to showcase work from Graphic Design, Screen and Media, Photography, Photo Imaging, Visual Arts and Cultural Arts, to feature in our first virtual graduate exhibition and showcase "Pixel Runway 2020".

Our Land

TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Creative Centres (Campbelltown) acknowledges the traditional Dharawal Aboriginal custodians of the land, their living culture and unique role in the life of the region. We acknowledge this is a country of which the members and Elders of the local Aboriginal communities have been custodians for many centuries, and on which these people have performed age-old ceremonies.